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Climate Change, by Gail Garber and Kris Vierra, 2013

Climate Change, by Gail Garber and Kris Vierra, 2013

All Lectures are available as virtual lectures via Zoom.

Liberalism In Quilting: Free-form Art Quilts

Never one to adhere to rules, I began breaking the quilting edicts soon after I learned the basics necessary to create an original design. Problems with bindings on corners? Just leave the corners off! It’s fun and easy to be your own designer, and to break away from the tedium of repetitive block design. Gail will lead you on a journey of exploration, from the valley of tradition, along the rocky road of great ideas gone wrong, to the rainbow peaks of increased creativity in quilts!

What Goes Around Comes Around!

We all have to start somewhere! This light and lively lecture traces through some of Gail’s quilting past, with emphasis on friends who have had a strong influence on her quilts. It shows the progression from Gail’s early quilting days as a traditional quilter, through her experimentation phase, and culminates in the contemporary art quilts for which she is now known. It  is a celebration of the friendships that we build throughout our lives. This lecture is suitable for non-quilting audiences as well as for quilters. 

Celebration, by Gail Garber and Kris Vierra, in the collection of the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY.