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Welcome to my website!  It’s been a long, difficult year for all of us, myself included. But, as with all challenges in life, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”!

The past year, 2020, brought exceptional personal challenges, foremost among them the cancer diagnosis of my good friend Anita McSorley, who also happens to be one of the three partners in the mountain cabin we have loved for 28 years. One of us passed away earlier in 2019 as well. Because Anita was too ill to even contemplate traveling there, but was hopeful of a positive outcome, we decided that we had to sell our beloved cabin that has been the home to multiple quilting retreats and weekends with friends.

However; COVID ended all possibility of any companionship there, so it was just me and the dogs, Martial and Harpy, traveling there every weekend to keep the bird feeders full and prepare the cabin for sale., hauling carloads of ‘stuff’ back. We received our sales offer two days before Anita said good-bye to this world and she was able to sign the sales contract. Then it was time to help her adult children that live in California empty out her home and more carloads of ‘stuff’ to my small city home! It was bursting at the seams!

Over the course of moving what seemed like mountains of ‘stuff’, I resolved that my time would be best spent in cleaning out the home that I have lived in since 1984, starting with my sewing room. Part of that resolve included no starting any new sewing projects at all, except for mask making of which I stitched hundreds, until there was a semblance of organization.

I invested in new camera and video equipment in order to be able to offer virtual classes! I am thrilled to tell you that I do now offer virtual lectures and some classes, particularly “Asymmetry in Quilt Design”, and “Little House of Geese”. My lectures remain the same. Check out the new class descriptions and see if they will work for your guild. You can select only on lecture or just one class.


American Quilter Magazine asked for a one-block repeat design that resulted in this quilt that I called “Pandemic Special”, but they called “Curvy Flying Geese”. You can get this pattern by purchasing the November 2020 issue of the magazine or by signing up for the email list at AQS.

The amazing longarm machine quilting was done by Tisha Cavanaugh, who is my most favorite machine quilter. She takes what otherwise might be an ordinary quilt top and makes it sing!


The March 2021 Issue of American Quilter Magazine also features an article by me, “Color and Contrast in Quilting”. Inspired by one of my most popular 1/2 day classes, the article explores the multiple factors that can make or break a quilt.



The 2021 Hawks Aloft Raffle Quilt
Presenting our newest raffle quilt, #27! It measures 90″ x 90″ and was stitched by a team of 15.  Tickets are on sale now.   We will draw the winning ticket on December 4, 2021.  Get your tickets now!


For Gail, quilting began as a whim, when friends convinced her to take a hand-quilting class. more


Gail lectures and conducts workshops to quilters throughout the U.S. and abroad… more


My quilting buddies and I also enjoy the outdoors so we formed a Quilter’s Hiking Group… more


Gail Garber frequently teaches for quilting tours…. more


Watch Gail and Friends on The Quilt Show

with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson!

Visit the Archives to find this Episode!

What fun we had filming!  Do you see the special guest in the background?  Stay tuned to learn all about the show, and a big reveal!


From the Land of Enchantment:  Thirty Years of Quilts by Gail Garber

Check out this video by the American Quilter’s Society created in January 2015.  The video features 30 different quilts, created over a period of 30 years.





What fun it was to work on my this collaboration with Kris Vierra. We called this “Celebration”, which seems to be an appropriate word for our quilt partnership. I design and stitch the quilt top and Kris works her magic in the quilting design and stitching. We hope you like it too.


Here’s the back of the quilt which really shows off Kris’ mastery in stitching.

Celebration - back of quilt. By Gail Garber and Kris Vierra


The 2021 Hawks Aloft Raffle Quilt

We did it again!  A huge thanks go to Cynthia Figueroa-McInteer for designing the center of the quilt, and to Barb Deshler for the hand applique and to Donna Barnitz for helping to stitch the center in advance of our retreat, held January 10 – 12, 2020. Our team completed the quilt top in 2 days. It has now been delivered to Tisha Cavanaugh at Quilt Icing for her to work her magic with the longarm quilting. The winning ticket will be drawn on December 5, 2020.  You can purchase tickets here.    All funds raised go to support our team of non-releasable avian ambassadors that are the focal center our our education programs.

From L-R: Cynthia Figueroa-McInteer, Gail Garber, Vicky Harms, Ed Chappelle, Allison Schacht, Sami Sanborn, Layla (the dog(, Rick Deshler, Evelyn McGarry, Ed Chappelle, Allison Schacht, Sami Sanborn, Layla (the dog), Lizzie Roberts, Mary Chappelle, Evelyn McGarry, Barb Deshler, Carol Bauer. Not Shown: Steve Elkins, Donna Barnitz, and Maggie Stein.

Learn more about Hawks Aloft, the organization that we founded in 1994 and the work that we continue to do in New Mexico and surrounding states.