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AQS Quiltweek Albuquerque – Large Competition Quilts, part 3

There were so many wonderful quilts in the AQS Quiltweek Albuquerque show! It’s a pleasure to share a few more with you. Here are three more of the large competition quilts that caught my eye.

This is My Last, Last Price by Anne Armour, Jackson, TN, is a masterful depiction of an exotic (to us) market scene. The faces and hands tell us so much much about these people that subtitles would probably not add a thing. The design was inspired by Rudolph Swoboda‘s The Carpet Seller, which was included in Masterpieces of Orientalist Art: The Shafik Gabr Collection by M. Shafik Gabr.

101 Anne Armour This is my Last Last Price


Marilyn Badger and Claudia Clark Myers, St. George, UT, were awarded Third Place in the longarm machine quilted division. Claudia likes to use traditional blocks in a nontraditional way. Here we see mariner’s compasses morphing into feathers.

201 Marilyn Badger and Claudia Clark Myers Red Feathers


Do you know how we can tell this is a Christmas quilt? No L!  No L was created by Janet Stone, Overland Park, KS, who was inspired by traditional New York Beauty quilts. This quilt was awarded Honorable Mention. What pleasing symmetry and balance of colors and motifs!

116 Janet Stone No L


This Day of the Dead themed quilt was right at home here in New Mexico.  Ann Horton, Redwood Valley, CA, was awarded First Place for Life Everlasting. She employs Latino sugar skulls and dancing skeletons to assure us that after death can be blessed.

108 Ann Horton Life Everlasting


Here’s a closeup that shows the jubilant details of the sugar skulls.

108 Detail



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