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Tea with Hazel


Thanks for bearing with me as I learn the idiosyncrasies of posting via the WordPress App on my IPad. I have learned that I can’t really post complex posts with multiple images, so I’ll save those posts until I return.

One of the highlights of my time in Auckland was tea at the lovely home of Hazel Foot. A well-known New Zealand quilter, Hazel showed us one of her new quilts, the one that is hanging in the tutor’s exhibit at the Taupo Symposium wher we are both teaching this week.

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  1. Carrol Warth says:

    Do you still have available the patterns for the Kowhai Wall hanging and Hibiscus wall hanging. Unfortunately there is no date on the magazine with the clematis so I don’t know how old it is. Hope you can help. Carrol

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