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Quilt in Progress – Round 2

Thank you all for your lovely and thoughtful comments about my quilt in progress that I posted back in May.  I appreciate all your suggestions too!  But, in case you missed that post, this was the photo I posted then.

Quilt in Progress

Quilt in Progress

Here’s what I asked:  It currently measures 66″ x 75″.  Do you think it needs one more border to be complete?  If so, what would you recommend as the outermost border?
Thanks for any suggestions.  And, here’s what I did after reading your comments.

Quilt in Progress - Round 2

Quilt in Progress – Round 2

What do you think?  It has gone off now to Kris Vierra, of Lincoln, Nebraska, for her magnificent quilting.  Many thanks to  Donna Barnitz and Afton Warrick for collaborating and partnering with Kris and me on this one!

2 Responses to “Quilt in Progress – Round 2”

  1. Mary Kay says:

    It is AWESOME …. I would say no to another border…might distract from your beautiful art work! Any trips coming up to Payson? Off to Nova Scotia soon!

  2. LindaV says:

    That border completes it perfectly – I so love your butterflies!

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