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Love Field Art Program

Halo on Love Field

Halo Over Love Field

I had the very good fortune to be flying through the brand spankin’ new Love Field Airport in Dallas, just 2 days after its grand opening.  And, the best part is that I had a 2-hour layover so I could explore.  I first noticed a giant halo gracing the main hall from which the various concourses disperse.  Perfectly lit, and sparkling in the soft light, the figures woven into the framework beckoned for a closer look.  Round and round I went with my camera, taking snapshots of the aerial masterpiece.

Airport Mobiles by Brower Hatcher and Marly Rogers

Airport Mobiles by Brower Hatcher

With time on my hands, I wandered down a hallway where a sign proudly proclaimed “Love Field Art Program“.  There, one room displayed vignettes of the art scattered throughout Love Field along with a map of locations for each artist.  It was here that I was able to view  a smaller and closer version of the Mobiles of which I was so enthralled.

Art by Brower Hatcher and Marly Rogers

Art by Brower Hatcher

The Love Field Art Program was created to coincide with the historic and momentous improvements currently underway at Dallas Love Field via the Love Field Modernization Program and showcases art works that embrace the spirit and history of aviation in Dallas.  It is part of the Dallas Public Art Collection.

Owl by Brower Hatcher

Owl by Brower Hatcher

The piece in the smaller room allowed me to get closer views of some of the elements that make up this masterful design.

Owls and Bats

Owls and Bats

Various animals and objects are grouped together with their own kind within the larger piece in the main hall.  Here, I photographed a collections of bats and owls.  Hatcher has built some 50 public art projects through the U.S.  He is the recipient of 2 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

The Southwest Star

The Southwest Star

Of course, there had to be a Southwest Airlines logo among the many objects!  I love the whimsy of this piece and could have looked at it for days — but there was a plane on the way to take me home to New Mexico!

Stay tuned — next, I will showcase another amazing piece of art for Love Field.



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Prayer Flags by Wendy Sanborne

Without a doubt, I get the coolest mail!  I love hearing from you and seeing the images of your work.  This week, I received a message and images from Wendy Sanborne, of Scottsdale, Arizona, who attended my recent class in Phoenix.


Wendy Sanborne and Class Project

Hi Gail

I have been enjoying your posts and loved that you could write your diary, post your pictures with captions and both blog or email it all. You inspired me to look into it myself. I put the first page of an email I wrote during a recent trip into my own blog with a couple pictures. I haven’t finished it yet because I was just seeing how it worked. You may have inadvertently shared, not just your trip to Paducah, but a new way for me to send my trip diaries when I travel.

I also saw another blogpost on your website with photo of our group doing your class on Little House of Geese in Scottsdale.  I have attached a picture of my completed top. You also inspired me (that’s two inspires in one month!) to “get to” a small 6 x 9 windmill paper piecing that I had been avoiding because the pieces were so small. But your technique, especially with the freezer paper, took all the “fear” out of it for me. I was able to complete it easily for a friend’s birthday that week. She has Dutch heritage so I bought the pattern in Amsterdam when I was there almost 2 years ago!!!

Dutch Windmill y Wendy Sanborne

Dutch Windmill by Wendy Sanborne

Secondly, I was able to quickly stitch the “Love” flag for the “To Boston with Love” flag project started by a Vancouver MQG when I found out about it last weekend. (I grew up in Boston and have family and friends there so doing something to share our love with them was easy) Thank you for making that all possible for me.

Love Flag by Wendy Sanborne

Love Flag by Wendy Sanborne

Here are pictures of all three quilts. (the other flags are from my grandchildren).  Thanks again for inspiring not just quilting, though that too.

Wendy's Prayer Flags

Wendy’s Prayer Flags

Take care,


Thanks, Wendy, for sharing these and also your thoughts! Blogging is a wonderful way to share your life adventures, large and small! Good luck with your blog and all your future endeavors.

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National Quilt Museum

THEN!  On to the main reason for our trip!

National Quilt Museum

National Quilt Museum

The National Quilt Museum in downtown Paducah – where two of my quilts are proudly hanging.  This weekend is the big American Quilter’s Society Show, when the Museum and everything else in Paducah is mobbed!  But we were there one week prior when all was quiet.  Here’s what it looks like this weekend.

National Quilt Museum on Saturday, April 27, 2013

National Quilt Museum on Saturday, April 27, 2013

I snagged this image from their Facebook page. It was titled “Random photo of the Museum Lobby at 10:00 a.m.   It makes me really appreciate the peaceful aura that pervaded the previous Saturday.

We visit my quilts, Azimuth and Cosmic Parade

We visit my quilts, Azimuth and Cosmic Parade

Here we are posing in front of Azimuth, the largest quilt I’ve ever made.  It was entirely hand stitched between 1984 and 1989, and an original design measuring 110″ x 110″.  I can think of no greater honor than for it to hang in the National Quilt Museum.  Although photos are not allowed in the museum, the curator kindly let me take photos of Azimuth and Cosmic Parade.  I just love the way they hang side-by-side, showing my early work and my later art quilt style.

Museum Curator, Judy Schwender and I with my quilts.

Museum Curator, Judy Schwender and me with my quilts.

Curator, Judy Schwender, gave us a personal tour of the collections on display.  With about 450 quilts in the permanent collection, each is handled only with gloves and packed carefully into an acid-free box with acid-free tissue padding the fold when they are not on display.  It was surprisingly emotional for me when I saw them both hanging in the main gallery, each carefully lighted so all the quilting shows up.  It was then that I truly realized I would never again be able to touch them that I nearly burst into tears (of pride).   I am so happy that they will be properly cared for and appreciated by quilters for years to come.

Cosmic Parade, which is featured on the cover of my book Stellar Journeys

Cosmic Parade, which is featured on the cover of my book Stellar Journeys

We spent the whole afternoon at the museum.  My quilts are in very good company; some of the best quilt artists in the world have their work displayed there.  Special exhibits right now include the quilts of Emiko Toda Loeb and Regina Alexandra.  Emika Toda Loeb’s complex quilts are composed of Log Cabin blocks and are usually two-sided.  Regina Alexandra quilts reflect the spare sensibilities of the Modern Quilt Movement.  Another special exhibit is the “Oh, WOW, Collection of miniature quilts.”  We did say “Oh, Wow!” more than once.

Another gallery featured new quilts from an old favorite – Jacob’s Ladder.  There also was a carved wooden quilt by Fraser Smith that was so realistic, none of us believed it was wood until we saw the back.  You must check out his work!

In short, the National Quilt Museum is definitely a must-see destination for all quilters.  I am glad that my work is a part of the collection.

Flags along the walkway to the Museum


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Girlfriends’ Weekend in Paducah – Part One

Last weekend, three of my good quilting girlfriends and I set off to Paducah.   It all happened when two of my quilts were accepted into the National Quilt Museum in early March and I learned they would be hanging in the main gallery.  Michele immediately announced, “I want to go!”   Mary and Cynthia also thought it would be fun as neither of them had ever before been to Paducah and the Museum!  So, we set about planning a girlfriends’ weekend.  It was most economical to fly to St. Louis, so that became our first stop!

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch

Our first stop after leaving the airport that afternoon, was the great park down along the Mississippi River.  None of the other girls had seen the impressive Gateway Arch that stands as the iconic monument symbolizing the westward expansion of the United States.  This architectural wonder that rises 630 ft. in the air commemorates the great journey of Lewis and Clark, begun 200 years ago.

Looking up at Gateway Arch

Interestingly, Cynthia just happens to be an architect, so we looked at the Arch and all of the surrounding buildings with new clarity and understanding!  It’s amazing what a ‘personal-pocket-architect-guide’ can do to increase one’s appreciation for structure and composition.  We had intended to stay downtown that first night and seek out the best restaurants.  So . . .

Girls at Bogarts

Girls at Bogarts Barbecue, the best in St. Louis! ( L-R, Mary Chappelle, Michele Hymel, Cynthia Figueroa-McInteer)

St. Louis is best known for its barbecue!  And, according to Trip Advisor, the Best of the Best in the downtown area is Bogarts Smokehouse !  In a little hole in the wall building just south of downtown, they only cook a certain amount each day and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  They stay open until they run out of food each night, which could be anywhere between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.  We arrived at 6:00 p.m.

Ribs from Bogarts

I inquired about our best meal choice and they said RIBS!   So a half slab of ribs it was for most of us.  Melt-in-your-mouth juiciness and falling apart moist, they were simply delicious!
By the way, we got the final order of ribs for that night!

Stay Tuned for Chapter Two – On to Paducah!

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Fun in Arizona

I just got back from a week of teaching for the Arizona Quilter’s Guild.  What fun we had!

Helene Block

At the Arizona Quilter’s Guild Spring Meeting,  Helene Block came up to tell me that she had made my Little House of Geese Pattern that was published in American Quilter Magazine last summer.  Only, when she went to enlarge the pattern, her copier refused to cooperate.  So, Helene made it at half-size!  So much fun!  Thanks, Helene, for sharing!
Gerardos Italian Bistro
Enjoying a meal with the Arizona Quilters Guild.  Exquisite food! — at Gerardo’s Italian Bistro.
Arizona Quilters Guild

Little Goose, Little Goose!  We had fun in class , sponsored by the Arizona Quilter’s Guild and held at the Bernina Connection.    Great students, great shop!  Thanks everyone for having such great attitudes!

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Calling all Travelers who Love Fabric!

Join me Down Under in 2014!

Quilting and Textile Tour of New Zealand

April 11-26, 2014

Pre-tour Extension to South Island


Tour 2014 Graphic

Want to travel down under?  I am so excited to be leading another textile and quilting tour of New Zealand.  We had SUCH fun in 2011!    Join me  April 11-26, 2014 with a pre-tour extension to Fiordland and Milford Sound.  We will have a blast!

For the full itinerary, please go to my tour page.


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The Finished Product


Hawks Aloft 2013 Raffle Quilt -- All done now!

Hawks Aloft 2013 Raffle Quilt — All done now!


Our Hawks Aloft raffle quilt is complete now –  isn’t it a beauty?!?!  We pieced the top in a long, and very fun, weekend retreat at my cabin in the Jemez mountains of New Mexico, in January.   It was quilted by Kristin Vierra of Lincoln, NE.  Her lovely  quilting truly complements the quilt design.  Here is a closeup of the feathers:

Feather Detail

Feather Detail

 And here’s another close-up image.

HAI 2013 Raffle Quilt 052

 It has the binding and backing on it and it debuted at the Albuquerque Xeriscape Expo.  Then it premiered at our annual event at the Monte Vista Crane Festival  in Monte Vista Colorado.

Actually, I guess the quilt is niot completely finished – it still needs a label!  Many thanks to all the volunteers who worked on making the quilt and the many more who will display it and sell tickets all year.  The winning ticket will be drawn at the Hawks Aloft Christmas party on Saturday December 7, 2013.  You may buy tickets from me anywhere that I am teaching this year or anywhere that Hawks Aloft is displaying it’s educational birds, the beneficiaries of the quilt ticket sales.  Or you may buy tickets on line at the Hawks Aloft Store.   Or at my Gail Garber on-line quilting store.  While you’re there, check out the other great products for sale.

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Rainbow Crow – Quilted!

Rainbow Crow 1


Done! Finally! Rainbow Crow tells the story of the most beautiful bird in the world with the most beautiful song. Once upon a time, the world went dark and the animals were frightened. The great gods in the sky had stolen the light from the world! The animals wondered what to do to return the light and save their world. Rainbow Crow, who was strong and brave, volunteered to fly to the gods and ask that the light be returned. — Pieced by Gail Garber and quilted by Kris Vierra.


Rainbow Crow 2


Rainbow Crow flew and flew high into the sky. His muscles were weary but he kept on flying higher. Finally, when exhaustion threatened to overcome him, he arrived at the home of the Gods. With his beautiful song, he asked them to return the light. Perhaps because the Gods so enjoyed his enchanting song, they consented. They gave Crow a burning torch to carry the light back to Earth. Rainbow Crow departed for the long flight home. As he flew, the smoke singed his beautiful feathers and made his beautiful voice harsh and raspy!
Finally, he returned the light to the Earth. All the animals and they were happy. But Crow was very sad. He cried because his once beautiful feathers were now blackened and, instead of a rapturous song, he had only a croak for a voice.


Rainbow Crow 3


And today, if you look closely at the feathers of a crow or raven in just the right light, you can see all the colors of the rainbow reflected in them. The rainbow still exists!


Indigo, the Hawks Aloft educational American Crow, basks in the afternoon sun.

Indigo, the Hawks Aloft educational American Crow, basks in the afternoon sun.

Crows and ravens, members of the corvid family of birds, are the most intelligent birds in the world.  I just finished reading a wonderful book, Gifts of a Crow, by John Marzluff and Tony Angell.  If you admire these birds as I do, you will find this a fascinating  read.

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