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Shibori by Jean Carbon

Shibori Silk Skirt

Shibori Silk Skirt

While Jean’s scarves were stunning, her large pieces were unbelievable.  This turquoise and black silk wrap is just one of the pieces that Jean creates using ancient shibori techniques.

Jean's Work Area

Jean’s Work Area

Jean took us back into her dye studio and talked to us about her techniques.  She not only works in silks, but also in other textiles.

Ikat Style Dying

Ikat Style Dyed Cottons and Linens

Above is a sample of other types of dying techniques that Jean uses.  These are often made into garments and also a more rustic style of scarf.

Silk Shibori in Red and Black

Silk Shibori in Red and Black

Each piece is a work of art.

Silk Shibori in White and Black

Silk Shibori in White and Black

Although I’ve only shown images of Jean’s silk work, she also creates garments in velvets and other techniques.  This will be an unforgettable stop on our tour next April.  I know that you will enjoy her work and her studio as much as I did.





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