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Rueda de la Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune)

I am always amazed at the beautiful quilts that students make when they take my classes or use my patterns.  I recently received this note from Tama Trussoni:


I contacted you last year about a question on this wall hanging and you asked if I would send a picture when finished. Well here it is. I did not intentionally change the middle. I accidentally switched the fabrics on the ends. I didn’t have any extra to rip it out and start over so I just left  it.

Tama Trussoni quilt

Thanks for the great pattern.  Tama Trussoni

The pattern is Rueda de la Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune) which is in my third book, Flying Colors.  Tama, you did a wonderful job, and the transposition of fabrics turned out beautifully.  Here is my version of this quilt.


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