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Rainbow Crow

Rainbow Crow is one of my favorite children’s stories:  Once upon a time Rainbow Crow was the most beautiful bird in the animal kingdom, kind and generous too!  One day the kingdom fell into darkness and all the animals were afraid.  Rainbow Crow, who was very strong and very brave, volunteered to fly to the Creator to ask him to return the sun.   The Creator granted his wish and gave him a lighted torch to carry the new light back to the animals huddled in the darkness.   As Crow flew home, the smoke from the torch singed his beautiful feathers.   His beautiful voice was made hoarse by the smoke that he breathed.  By the time, Crow returned the light to the animal kingdom, he was completely black and his voice was only a croak.   However, when you look closely at a crow or raven you can still see the stunning colors of the rainbow hidden among the blackness.

I just finished this 24″ circular quilt top.  It has gone off to Kris Vierra, of Lincoln, Nebraska, for quilting.  I can’t wait to see what magic she works on my version of Rainbow Crow.


One Response to “Rainbow Crow”

  1. Gary Sigritz says:

    On your round Quilts, you indicate that is flat as a pancake, because of the stiff edges. Can you tell me how you did this?

    Thanks Gary

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