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Love Field Art Program

Halo on Love Field

Halo Over Love Field

I had the very good fortune to be flying through the brand spankin’ new Love Field Airport in Dallas, just 2 days after its grand opening.  And, the best part is that I had a 2-hour layover so I could explore.  I first noticed a giant halo gracing the main hall from which the various concourses disperse.  Perfectly lit, and sparkling in the soft light, the figures woven into the framework beckoned for a closer look.  Round and round I went with my camera, taking snapshots of the aerial masterpiece.

Airport Mobiles by Brower Hatcher and Marly Rogers

Airport Mobiles by Brower Hatcher

With time on my hands, I wandered down a hallway where a sign proudly proclaimed “Love Field Art Program“.  There, one room displayed vignettes of the art scattered throughout Love Field along with a map of locations for each artist.  It was here that I was able to view  a smaller and closer version of the Mobiles of which I was so enthralled.

Art by Brower Hatcher and Marly Rogers

Art by Brower Hatcher

The Love Field Art Program was created to coincide with the historic and momentous improvements currently underway at Dallas Love Field via the Love Field Modernization Program and showcases art works that embrace the spirit and history of aviation in Dallas.  It is part of the Dallas Public Art Collection.

Owl by Brower Hatcher

Owl by Brower Hatcher

The piece in the smaller room allowed me to get closer views of some of the elements that make up this masterful design.

Owls and Bats

Owls and Bats

Various animals and objects are grouped together with their own kind within the larger piece in the main hall.  Here, I photographed a collections of bats and owls.  Hatcher has built some 50 public art projects through the U.S.  He is the recipient of 2 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

The Southwest Star

The Southwest Star

Of course, there had to be a Southwest Airlines logo among the many objects!  I love the whimsy of this piece and could have looked at it for days — but there was a plane on the way to take me home to New Mexico!

Stay tuned — next, I will showcase another amazing piece of art for Love Field.



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