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Howdy from Texas!

A big howdy from the friendly state of Texas where I have been teaching and lecturing in Fredericksburg (Verein’s Quilt Guild of Fredericksburg) and Kerrville (Hill Country Quilt Guild).  One of my favorite things about quilting is the sisterhood of like-minded women (and men) who make up this amazingly supportive community. Some of my best friends in the whole world are those that I met in quilt class.

The Verein’s Country Quilters make a mean raffle quilt. They don’t have tickets yet, but I left my $5 with the program chair, Kate Hunter, who promised to get them for me as soon as they are available. Simply a stunning quilt!

One of the wonderful things about Texas Quilt Guilds is that they welcome other guilds to their meetings to sell raffle tickets for their groups. I left some $$ with this group too.  Whoever wins it will be lucky indeed!

One of the highlights of my trip to Kerrville and Fredericksburg was visiting “Creations”, the local quilt shop. I had heard rumors that this was a ‘world class’ quilt shop. This is not an exaggeration. Based in an old Victorian home, each room has a different theme. The owners, Julie Milam and Kathy Thompson (above), have great stuff! I bought lots, but left a little for you. You can check out their website .

This beautiful quilt is called Galactic Migration and it was created by Holly Nelson of San Antonio, TX. Holly took my design class in 2003. She brought her finished quilt, Galactic Migration, to show and tell at the Kerrville Quilt Guild for my lecture in February 2011.

It’s been a fun trip.  Happy quilting!

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