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Girl’s Weekend at the Cabin

Lindsey Sewing

A Girl’s Weekend at the cabin!  I love to retreat to my cabin in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico for a sewing weekend.  This time I asked my friend Lizzie and her daughter Rhianna, and my friend Chellye and her daughter Lindsey to join us!  I think it’s very important to pass along a love of sewing to the next generation.  Everyone brought whatever they wanted to sew.  It was Lindsey’s first time making a garment – a wrap skirt.

 Rhianna and Olivia Sewing
Rhianna brought her friend, Olivia, and they decided to make tote bags of their own design.
Dogs Sleeping
The Garber dogs held down the sofa while we stitched.
Girls with tote bags

The girls show off their new totebags.

Lindsey with the skirt she made

And here’s Lindsey’s stunning skirt, all finished in one day!

Chellye with her skirt

Chellye made a denim skirt with fringed edges, also completed in one day!

Lizzie with her bag

And, Lizzie completed the bag she had begun on our previous sewing day.

R&R at Soda Dam

Our sewing finished, we took a break to go down to the local swimming hole.

Wet kids, wet dogs, and a hot afternoon.  It was time to retire to the deck for libations!

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