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Shades of the Southwest Exhibit – Part Three

What a thrill it was to have the American Quilter’s Society QuiltWeek show here in January 2015.  Curating the Shades of the Southwest Exhibit with Donna Barnitz made the show doubly special.  We look forward to their return in January 2017.  Donna and I are looking forward to curating another exhibit for that show.  Stay tuned for details to come.

Enchanted New Mexico, by Afton Warrick, 97" x 97"

Enchanted New Mexico, by Afton Warrick, 97″ x 97″

A local resident, Afton is active in our quilting community, where she is a past president of the New Mexico Quilter’s Association, and now also works for me as my assistant.  She says, “Enchanted New Mexico is a Baltimore Album-style tribute to New Mexico. The Castle Huning fountain, Alvarado Hotel, Sandia Peak tram, St. Francis Cathedral of Santa Fe, UNM’s Hodgin Hall and New Mexican flora are featured in this original design.”

Enchanted New Mexico Detail View

Enchanted New Mexico Detail View

This block from Enchanted New Mexico, tells the tale of the Roswell UFO and alien sighting that has put that city on the map!

Enchanted New Mexico Detail

Enchanted New Mexico Detail  View

New Mexico is home to two National Laboratories, Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories.  The first atomic bomb was exploded at the Trinity Site, in a rural area of central New Mexico.

Beyond the Fence, by Emily Hostetler, 29" x 29"

Beyond the Fence, by Emily Hostetler, 29″ x 29″

Emily Hostetler, Saltillo, TX, says this about her quilt, “The colors of the sunset are so typical of the Southwest.  The shading from one color to the next in the sky and blending depict “shades” of the Southwest.”

The Painted Pony, by Kris Vierra, 48" x 38"

The Painted Pony, by Kris Vierra, 48″ x 38″

Kris Vierra, who hails from Lincoln NE, is renowned for her longarm machine quilting.  She is my partner on many of my recent quilts.  She has this to say about her quilt, “The Indian war horse was highly honored by the Native Americans.  The owners of these “painted ponies” honored and protected their horse by painting tribal symbols on the horse’s body. The circle around his nose and eye wished the horse ken vision and sense of smell.  The thunder stripes were to please the god of war and the handprint indicated he had knocked down an enemy.”

Raven Sunset, by Judith Roderick, 35" x 43"

Raven Sunset, by Judith Roderick, 35″ x 43″

Judith Roderick resides in Placitas, NM, where ravens are common creatures.  Judith is known for her incredible silk painting.  She says this about her quilt, “This quilt depicts seven ravens against a glorious New Mexico sunset.  The richness and variety of the sunset colors came from two separate waxing and dyeing processes of this whole cloth silk quilt.”

Check back for the formal announcement of the Exhibit for the 2017 American Quilter’s Society QuiltWeek Show!


2 Responses to “Shades of the Southwest Exhibit – Part Three”

  1. Afton says:

    Thanks for the lovely feature, Gail.

  2. […] the American Quilter’s Society held QuiltWeek in Albuquerque, NM for the first time.  The Shades of the Southwest Exhibit  was curated by local artists, Gail Garber and Donna Barnitz. One of the winning quilts was Raven […]

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