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Quilting Adventures in the Texas Hill Country – 2013

Quilting Adventures, Class of 2009

Speaking of the San Antonio Area, did you know that I will be teaching a five-day workshop for Quilting Adventures in Kerrville, TX, March 3-8, 2013?  I firmly believe that students learn and retain much more when they take a multi-day class because the information can be presented more slowly at a rate where it can be absorbed.  In addition, students  make really good progress toward the completion of their own original design.

Work in progress by Ann Gehin, Netherlands

Work in progress by Janice Schindeler, Houston, TX

Above are two works in progress from the class.  Because students have ample sewing time and can sew all day and all night, if desired, with all meals dished up by the resort (fantastic food!), they get a lot done!

Whimsical Hearts by Janice Schindeler

Janice designed and stitched this whimsical quilt for her husband, Harry, to whom she has been married for 40 years!  I love it!

Cupcake, by Janice Schindeler

And, Janice stitched this one up using the techniques taught in class.  It was for her daughter, who is a “cupcake”.   Are you interested in joining me in the Hill Country in March 2013?  I would love to spend a few days with you. Contact Quilting Adventures.

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Only in Texas, a Designer Bootique!

Flying Goose Boot by Holly Nelson

You might remember my post from earlier this year that featured this cool use of the Flying Goose Filler designed by Holly Nelson from Comfort, TX.  She was designing a “boot of the month” for her local quilt shop, Sew Special in Leon Springs, TX, just north of San Antonio.   Holly has this to say about the block, “It took me a long time to figure out how to get those flying geese onto a boot, as I kept trying to swirl them and twist them, but there is just so much space to work with.  I thought about putting a pieced star as a spur, but thought the ladies would mutiny.”

“The 12 boots went into a top called “Designer Bootique” (pardon the obvious pun).  It’s not quilted yet, but the top is done and I thought you’d like to see how it turned out.”

Designer Bootique by Holly Nelson

The pattern for “Designer Bootique” will be available in November through the shop and also can be ordered directly from Holly Nelson!   I just love the creativity in this one!

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I’ll Fly Away

I’ll Fly Away, © 2012, by Karen Thornton

Here’s another great student quilt!  I’ll Fly Away was designed by Karen Thornton of Tyler, TX.  She took my one-day class in mid-September and, less than one month later, this was the result.   Great quilt, Karen!

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A Visit to Jinny Beyer Studio

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Virginia was a Sunday morning visit to Jinny Beyer’s Studio in Great Falls, Virginia.  The visit was possible thanks to Diane Kirkhart, my hostess, who works at the studio.

Autumn leaves at Jinny Beyer Studio

My new friends, Diane and Betty Osweiler, welcomed me to the studio.

The interior of the shop is filled with special treats and ALL of the fabric is  Jinny’s line of fabrics produced by RJR Fabrics.  So I as thrilled to see . . .

One whole wall of fabric

And . .  .

Another whole wall of border prints!

Everything you could ever ask for in borders!

“DaVinci”, one of Jinny’s patterns.

A wide variety of finished quilts and quilt tops graced the walls of the old building.  In addition to the quilts, fabrics and notions, Jinny carries some of her favorite gift items, like hand made wooden boxes with beautiful inlaid quilt patterns, exquisite embroidery scissors, and other trinkets that she hand selects.

Jinny’s hand stitching

Diane showed me several quilt tops in progress, including this one that is hand stitched by Jinny.

Unnamed new quit by Jinny Beyer

Here’s the front of the quilt top that Jinny hand stitched.

Many thanks to Diane for making this visit possible!  Next time you are in the Washington, DC area, be sure to make the Jinny Beyer Studio a destination!


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Meet Diane Kirkhart

Diane with the “Summer Lily” quilt that she made from one of Jinny Beyer’s patterns.

My recent trip to Virginia came about thanks to Diane Kirkhart, who was the program chair for the Quilter’s Unlimited Quilt Guild in the Washington, DC area.   Diane specializes in applique and hand quilting and she also works at the Jinny Beyer studio in Great Falls, VA.   Above, Diane poses with her hand-quilted Summer Lily quilt that she made from one of Jinny’s patterns.

Diane teaches at the Studio where one of her classes, “Back Basted Needle Turn Applique”, is quite popular.  Above the appliqued flowers are enhanced with Tsukineko Inks. The class generally has a waiting list and she teaches this often.

Diane with “Midnight Garden”, in progress.

Midnight Garden is a dual design by Diane and Jinny.  Jinny designed the piecing and Diane designed the applique.  Diane hand quilts using a hoop in her lap.  Her quilting is exquisite.

Midnight Garden detail

Autumn Leaves in Virginia

In mid-October, when I visited, the leaves were turning brilliant shades of golden and scarlet.   I enjoyed my visit with Diane, her husband Kenny, mom Bonnie, and her friend Betty Osweiler.   It was a full and fun house, so much so that even the wildlife came by to visit.

Mom and baby white-tailed deer stopped by for dinner!  The protected woods behind Diane’s place are home to several deer.  What a treat!


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Embellishment and Embroidery in Virginia

Kath Heslep and her embellished, embroidered T-shirt

Check out this cool T-shirt!  Kath Heslep, who was in my Goose is Loose class for Quilter’s Unlimited that I taught the second weekend in October 2012.   Kath bought the t-shirt, but then spent the 10-hour drive to the AQS show in Paducah hand embroidering the spaces between the pattern.

Detail of Kath Heslep shirt

I love the detail!  Great design, Kath!  Quilters are so creative!

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Pocket Purses

Pocket Purses by Donna Barnitz

My good friend, Donna Barnitz, came over for dinner a couple of nights ago.  Donna often designs for the magazine, Altered Couture.   This night, she showed off these two little pocket purses that she designed.  Each was made from the pockets of wool suit jackets that she had rescued from a thrift store.   I always love her creativity and enthusiasm.

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PUPS – Picking Up the Pieces Quilt Guild Retreat

The Little Owl that Welcomes Visitors

This little owl welcomed visitors to the retreat center where Picking Up the Pieces (PUPS) quilt guild held their 2012 annual retreat.  I was fortunate to be one of the teachers.  In the quiet woods of Tennessee, not far from Memphis, about 45 of us gathered for a fun weekend of sewing and learning.

Color and Contrast in Quilting

I taught the half day class, Color and Contrast in Quilting, the afternoon I arrived.  This class stretches students through a series of exercises.  Above are images from the first class exercise.  The difference in the designs over the course of 3 hours is dramatic.

Hard-working students

In this class, everything is provided in the kit, including the little scissors, so students can just show up with no supplies.


Students concentrate as each exercise builds on the last.  In the end, the final designs are really interesting!  Below are some of the final designs.

Beach Scene

This was a really creative design!

Flower and Flying Geese with a swirl

One of the great things about this class is that students never leave with a UFO!  And, hopefully, they view creativity a little differently after they  leave class.

I also taught the Goose is Loose class the following day, but I didn’t get and photos on that day!



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