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Land of Midnight Sun

3 Responses to “Land of Midnight Sun”

  1. Sheila Curnow says:

    Really like quilt. I just returned from trip toYukon.
    Is there a pattern for this quilt?

  2. Alma Martin says:


    I would like to ask the same question as Sheila Curnow did in October….is this pattern available for sale, or is it in one of your books? Wow, is all I can say….it’s lovely! Similar to Sheila, I experienced the midnight sun during a trip to Norway many years ago, but still remember trying to sleep when it was still daylight outside!! Thank you!

    • Gail Garber says:

      Hi Alma,

      My book, Flying Colors includes several illustrations for drawing a design very similar to this. However, there is no definite pattern.


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