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Raven Lets Loose the Light – Mary Cadman

© 2006 By Mary Cadman

According to some First Nations legends, the raven stole the sun and brought light to the people. With the legend as my inspiration, my quilt lets Raven bring the northern lights. Raven Lets Loose the Light grew out of a guild challenge: design something that flies, with no more than two straight edges on the quilt. I have always been fond of ravens, so the “something that flies” was an easy choice. The quilt is featured in Gail’s book, Flying Colors.

While the quilt was in my possession waiting to be shipped to C&T for photography, I could not resist photographing it with the Hawks Aloft educational American Crow, who is a human imprint — Gail

Raven Lets Loose the Light - Mary Cadman

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