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Punda Milia – Patricia Drennan

© 2009 By Patricia Drennan

I have used random curved flying geese in many quilts depicting birds, flowers, and even a tiger. The geese lend themselves especially well to striped animals. The challenge with Punda Milia (Swahili for zebra) was to construct the entire animal out of alternating black and white flying geese strips. The quilt and complete text are included in the gallery section of Flying Colors.

Punda Milia - Patricia Drennan

4 Responses to “Punda Milia – Patricia Drennan”

  1. Robin Hill says:

    An amazing quilt – I am not usually attracted to realistic animals in quilts but this one is exceptional.

  2. julia howe says:

    WOW!I love this design.I marvel at these art quilts.this is tops for me,specially against the red back ground.Ilove making quilts but have yet to deign any.Maybe in the futur when I have more time.Julia

  3. Barbara says:

    I love zebras (and horses) and thought it was an amazing quilt. AND that was BEFORE I realized it was constructed of flying geese. WoW

  4. Claudia Lash says:

    I think this quilt is wonderful! What a great way to use geese! I love it!

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