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Fireworks Over Sydney – Sandy Long

© 2009 By Sandy Long

I went through Gail’s second book, Stellar Journeys, and immediately saw fireworks. What better way to display them but above the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. At first, I designed a too-detailed picture with thousands of pieces, but as the design progresses I downplayed the detail. What fun I had putting colors and textures together! This quilt, and the complete text is shown in the gallery section of Flying Colors.

Fireworks Over Sydney - Sandy Long

One Response to “Fireworks Over Sydney – Sandy Long”

  1. Glenda Matthews says:

    Beautiful. I live in Australia and I am very impressed with you Opera House/bridge picture that you have created.
    Do you have a pattern that you can sell me.
    I can pay by credit card or via Paypal.

    Thanks Glenda

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