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Mariner’s Compass

© 2010
21” x 21”

This quilt began its life many years ago, but was finally finished in 2010. By Gail Garber and Donna Barnitz.

Mariner’s Compass

2 Responses to “Mariner’s Compass”

  1. Alma Martin says:

    Hi Again,

    Was this your starting point in your quilting experience. I completed one of these about 20 years ago, all drafted and pieced by hand. Which of your patterns would you recommend, if any as a starting point in trying one of your patterns? They are beautiful!

    • Gail Garber says:

      Hi Alma,

      I began quilting 36 years ago when everything was cut from templates and stitched by hand. Over the years, I have switched to freezer paper foundation piecing as my designs became more intricate. I now love paper foundation piecing because of the freedom it gives me when stitching weird shapes and long skinny points. I’d recommend the Tutti Frutti pattern as it is a star design.

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